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Although vacations are a time for resting, it's never a bad time to get some learning done. There are many activities your children can do over the winter holidays so they don't forget their writing skills.  The Tutoring Center Johns Creek, GA brings you these four writing suggestions.

Write a Family Book

The winter holidays are a great time to catch up with out of town family members. Your children can use this opportunity to learn more about their family and their heritage. They can conduct short interviews with their family members and afterwards write a book about their discoveries. If they choose to, they can even draw a family tree.

Greeting Cards and Thank You Notes

Children can write and design this year’s holiday greeting cards. They should create a whole personalized one per person. After all the holiday gifts have been exchanged, they can send their own thank you notes for whatever they got.

Letter to Santa

Perhaps the most fun writing activity they can do is write a letter to Santa Claus. Even if it's just bullet points, at least they'll be practicing their penmanship.

Make up a Story

How about writing a story related to winter or the holidays? You can even do it together as a family. Try to work on a new story or a new chapter every week.

Tutoring in Johns Creek

If your children want to improve their writing skills in the coming new year, they can join a tutoring program in Johns CreekThe Tutoring Center Johns Creek, GA has a specially designed writing program they could greatly benefit from. If you're interested in knowing more, give them a call at 770-927-4577.


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