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Children’s brains can get lazy over the holidays. Keep their minds active and learning something new by trying out these simple ideas.

Everything Can Be a Learning Opportunity

You don’t have to bring out the school books and math formulas to help your children’s minds stay sharp during the holidays. There are plenty of simple and fun activities that you can try with your youngsters to make sure they learn a thing or two while they’re away from school. Give these activities a chance. Visit the library: Reading is always a good idea. Now that your children have more free time, take some time to visit the library and pick up some holiday related books. You can learn about how other cultures celebrate during the holiday season. Decorate the house: Teach your children about family and holiday traditions as you decorate your home. Together you can even do some research about what each element of the Christmas tree means. Write a story together: Why don’t you take a holiday classic and put your spin on it? You can even write your own holiday story. Check out these holiday writing prompts for more ideas. Make some gifts: Start a Secret Santa at home, but make it a rule that everyone must make their gift. The presents will be more special because everyone put their time and effort into making them. Volunteer: You can volunteer together in a soup kitchen, children’s hospital, or nursing home to bring joy to people who need it. You can also ask your children to gather all the toys and clothes they no longer use and donate them. Go shopping: Almost everyone enjoys shopping, and it can also be a learning opportunity. Your children can practice math and numbers by comparing prices, calculating discounts, and looking for gifts within a budget.

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