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Along with the grades your teacher assigns, their comments are a treasure trove of information about your child’s learning challenges and suggestions on how to improve on them. The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek GA has a post on the subject below which can help. Find a theme with their notes Read through all of the notes in your child’s report card and identify any themes. For example, if your child struggled with their public speaking skills, then it’s likely that a few teachers noticed and remarked on it. If this is your student’s challenge, consider these ideas:
  • Copy paragraphs from their textbooks, your own magazines, and even a book and attach them to a range of snacks in your kitchen and require each one to be read aloud prior to the snack being enjoyed.
  • Encourage your child to read non-educational books so they can benefit from vocabulary items which they otherwise wouldn’t encounter, reading a few pages aloud each chapter.
  • Reading your bank notices and promotional flyers aloud is a great way to learn new writing styles and grammar choices.
If your child struggles in another area, adapt these tips or look for other ways to include small learning instances in your child’s day. Even small lessons like these are enough to keep your child’s brain

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