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If it seems like trying to boost your child's memory is the impossible task then you aren't alone - many other parents face the same challenge. However while it can see like there's nothing you can do, The Tutoring Center,Johns Creek has put together a few ways for you to help boost your child's memory and their learning retention.

Break Down the Lesson

Just because your child is writing a report on a specific event throughout history doesn't mean that they need to learn everything about it in one go. Break down the larger piece of learning into relevant sections.

Try It Another Way

The next time you give your child directions, provide one set visually and the other written and notice whether your child was able to not only understand one specific instruction easier, but they were faster to complete the respective task. If you find that your child responded more to verbal directions, consider seeking recorded lectures or speeches to help with their retention.

Keep Their Brain Fueled

While it may seem obvious, studying before dinner isn't always the best idea. Before any study period, be sure that your child has at least eaten a brain fueling snack. A hungry brain is a distracted brain that doesn't learn.

Embrace Technology

Take the time that your children are staring at their phones and put it to good use. Look for suitable flash card and memory games based applications for your child's phone or tablet.  Look for an application that allows you to create your own learning information - giving your child the ability to keep their memory active on the way to school or during a trip to the supermarket.

Tutoring In Johns Creek

On top of these great tips, professional tutors are able to ensure that their lessons are taught with the best teaching method to promote not only thorough learning, but ease of recollection. Speak with The Tutoring Center,Johns Creek on (770) 927 4577 to book your free consultation and let our tutors answer any questions you have about the benefits of tutoring in Johns Creek.


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