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Are you ready for winter break? Winter break is all about spending time with family and celebrating. However, winter break also presents the opportunity for learning loss. The best way to develop healthy habits is by making time to study during your break. If you are interested in learning some simple tips to help you study, this article by The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek, GA, is for you.

Pursue a New Interest

Now that you have a break from school, make the most of it and learn about new topics you are interested in. Look for books, movies, documentaries, blogs, videos, tutorials, and other resources to help you learn everything you need. Make sure to take notes and make observations.

Make a Schedule

To ensure you don't leave studying for the last moment, make a schedule. Grab your calendar and mark the days and time of day you plan on using for study. Try to be disciplined and stick to your schedule as much as possible. Set alarms if needed and set a timer to help you ensure you accomplish your goal each day.

Study with Friends

Studying with friends can make learning more enjoyable. If you have friends or classmates who need to study the same topics as you, schedule online meetings to help each other. Learning with others allows you to understand new information from different perspectives and allows you to learn different study strategies.

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