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Help Your Child Increase Their Attention Span

Concentrating is a tough task, even for adults. For children it can be even harder. Their curious and active minds are everywhere at once. Many times they find it hard to just stay still. While it’s impossible to have children completely focus on something without getting distracted, it is possible to increase their attention span. The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek GA can tell you how.

Eating Healthy

Food has a direct impact on your children’s ability to concentrate. Sugary food can make them feel sluggish and unfocused.  Foods rich in protein, such as eggs, lean meats, or almonds, increase their concentration levels and raise awareness. Eating food rich in antioxidants, like leafy greens and fruits, boost brain power too.

Short Term Goals

Set a small goal for a certain time limit. If your children need to read a book for school, you can give them twenty minutes to read a certain number of pages. Keep in mind that most children can stay concentrated for about 15 to 20 minutes. While some youngsters are good at working towards goals, others might feel anxious and pressured. Decide which category your children fall under before trying this out.

Memory Games

Children learn better with games. If the games are fun, they'll have an easier time focusing. Think of your brain as if it were a muscle. The more you use it, the better and stronger it becomes. To exercise your children’s “focus muscle” have them play memory games. Memory games are fun and educational, and they can increase your children’s focus and memory.

Tutoring in Johns Creek for Improved Concentration

Sometimes children find it hard to concentrate because they don’t understand what they’re supposed to be doing. If your children are struggling in school, tutoring in Johns Creek might be the solution. The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek GA has various tutoring programs that can help raise your children’s grades and improve their concentration. Call the center at 770-927-4577 to learn more.


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