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Encourage Your Child to Prepare for the SAT/ACTs

Being a teenager means a lot of homework, extra curricular activities and enjoying those last few years before college and the “real world” begin. Don’t let your teenager forget that a high SAT or ACT score cannot only help in the admissions process, but also in paying for their higher education through potential scholarships. You can help them stay on the path to success with a few simple steps:

Find What They Like To Read

Reading can become such a huge part of academics that many students forget just how many other reading resources they have at their disposal, including newspapers, magazines, fiction and poetry. A large part of these exams focuses on vocabulary, so adding to your teen’s vocabulary on a regular basis through various sources is essential.

Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

While it’s tempting just to take the bare minimum needed to graduate, help your teenager understand that upper-level courses will not only be more interesting, but will begin to prepare them for many concepts in their college entrance exam and future university level courses.

Make it a Conversation

Instead of nagging your teenager about how little they are studying, maybe get together and create a reasonable study schedule together. Keep in mind what is a reasonable amount of study time each time depending on your child’s study habits and other extracurricular activities. Look up the conditions of test day and help you teenager recreate them as best they can with practice tests. This can help them focus on what subject areas are crucial for their individual test preparation and be as prepared as possible for the real thing.

It’s All About Their Future

Help them understand why this exam is important by making some goals, not only regarding the exam but about what potential doors may be opened through a higher test score. Make a list of some potential schools and check out school websites to see what makes each school unique, stopping by for a tour around the campus if possible to ask any questions you or your teenager may have.

Tutoring In Johns Creek

The few years before college can sure be stressful, but the The Tutoring Center in Johns Creek is here to ensure your child has the best resources to help them study for their exams. Give us a call at (770) 927-4577 a call today for private tutoring in Johns Creek  or more tips on how to get them on the road to success!


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