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Building puzzles can present many benefits in both adults and developing children. If you still haven’t tried them out, you might be interested in learning the benefits of puzzles for your children. The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek GA invites you to learn about some of them in this post.

The Main Benefits of Puzzles

There are three basic skills your children work on when they build a puzzle: physical skills, cognitive skills, and emotional skills. These skills are basic for the development of a well-rounded person. Besides these basic skills, puzzle building can also promote social skills if the activity is done with a friend or family member.

Physical Skills

  • Hand-eye coordination: Your child will learn to relate what they see, what their minds think needs to be done, and what their hands need to do to accomplish it. Wooden puzzles are especially good for developing this skill.
  • Fine motor skills: The small and delicate finger movements that need to be done in order to make the pieces fit with each other can lead to better typing and handwriting skills. It helps children strengthen their finger muscles.

Cognitive Skills

  • Shape recognition: Since beginners’ puzzles use simple shapes and colors, children will be able to learn from them. They start with easy shapes and work their way up to the more complex shapes when building jigsaw puzzles.
  • Memory: These build new brain cell connections by having your remember the shapes, colors, and the complete image in order to complete the puzzle.
  • Creativity: Finding the correct piece that fits in the puzzle involves experimenting and trying out different options. By creating hypotheses of what would work, they’re stimulating their imagination and creativity.

Emotional Skills

  • Perseverance: Puzzles are all about patience and perseverance. Working slowly and calmly will get the desired results of finishing the puzzle.
  • Relaxation: Building a puzzle can be a soothing experience. By focusing on the task at hand, children can concentrate and become more peaceful.
  • Self-esteem: A job well done always makes a person feel better about themselves.

Tutoring in Johns Creek

For better use of these skills acquired with building puzzles, bring your children to tutoring in Johns Creek. Tutoring can help your children harness these skills and become better students. Go ahead and call The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek GA at 770-927-4577 to learn more about the benefits of tutoring in Johns Creek.


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