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Have you heard about media literacy? Media literacy refers to the ability to understand and analyze information that comes from different types of media. It's important to help students develop these abilities as it allows them to be better prepared for the future. Learn about the benefits of developing media literacy in this article by The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek, GA.

Consuming Smartly

Many photos, videos, and content we see on the internet have the purpose of persuading us to buy or to consume a specific product or type of contact. Media literacy helps students recognize these aspects as well as determine whether something is credible or not. This also helps students choose whether they want to consume something or not depending on the type of content.

Creating Media Responsibly

What we consume has an impact on our minds as well as on society. Identifying and analyzing this impact allows students to understand the importance of being responsible when creating their own content. Media literacy also allows them to learn about tools that can help them efficiently communicate their own points of view.

Health Effects of Media

Unhealthy habits such as excessive screen time can be detrimental to our mental health and overall wellbeing. Students become aware of these effects and are therefore more prone to changing their habits and developing healthier relationships with media and electric devices.

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