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Children are naturally curious and excitable, and this can make it difficult for them to focus for longer periods of time. This has arguably been exacerbated by the proliferation of distractions like surfing the Internet, watching television, instant messaging, and so on. There are ways you can help your child focus, however, and The Tutoring Center of Johns Creek would like to offer a few.

Limit distractions

As mentioned, technology has multiplied the distractions available to today’s children. Though eliminating distractions entirely may well be impossible, clearly explaining that no iPods, computers, tablets, etc. are to be used until study time is over can really help.

Set an example

It’s a great help if your child sees you ‘studying’ too; if you have bills to go over, work to finish up, or similar, then sit down with your child during study time and do your own homework. Seeing you focusing will help get your child to follow suit. Remember, you have to follow the rules too, so no playing with your cell or computer!

Set up a study space

Having a space dedicated to quiet study is a wonderful way to set up good habits and a good routine. After spending a few study sessions in the space, your child will associate it with quiet, focused work. Make sure any supplies they will need are present, and that the space is in a quiet area of your home.

Positive reinforcement

Make sure to praise your child for their good behaviour and focus. Praise breeds good habits far better than punishment, so focus on rewarding positive progress. Offer praise that focuses on their progress and development (‘I’m so pleased you’re working so hard’) as opposed to only praising end results (‘I’m so please you got an A’).

Organization can really help cut out distractions like searching for materials, so read our guide to helping your child stay organized, too.

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