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Before taking the SAT tests and starting the application process, it’s important to remind yourself that the test doesn’t necessarily determine intelligence or your future success in college; it simply measures how good you are at taking the SAT test. Even other college entrance exams, like the ACTs, require a different test taking strategy and therefore different preparation. The good news is that with the right SAT preparation, anybody can work to increase their score. For expert SAT prep help call The Tutoring Center in Johns Creek. In the meantime, here are 3 tips to help practice during free time or at home.

Keep Track of Time

Each section on the SAT is divided into three ‘sub-sections’ based on difficulty. The first third of each section is easy, the second is medium, and the last is most challenging; the exception to this is the reading comprehension where there is no difference in difficulty. Each question on the SAT has the same point value, therefore it’s best to spend more attention being sure the easy and medium questions are right and then working through the hard questions if time permits.

Use the Process of Elimination

Don’t know which of the answers is correct? That’s not a problem. Look at all of the answers and eliminate the ones you know are wrong. Each question will have five possible choices. When you eliminate just one of the wrong answers, your chances of guessing will increase 5%. Although missing a question will ultimately cost you .25 points on the test, a correct guess will earn you 1 point. So statistically speaking, if you use the process of elimination to guess the answers for 8 questions you will get 2 correct. After adding the score you’ve lost 1.5 points from wrong answers, but you gained 2; leaving you with .5 of a point by guessing. Only leave a question blank if you have no idea what is wrong and what is right.

Personalize Your Test Booklet

You paid for the test, make use of the paper it’s printed on and write everything down. Scratch work is extremely important on the SAT. In the math section, do your work directly on the diagrams; it will help you stay organized and avoid making careless mistakes. When you reach the sentence completion, you will need to think of your own word(s) to complete the question; write them directly into the question. Often times in a testing environment you can forget things quite quickly and easily; writing down ideas as you go helps prevent this.

Finally, before taking the real SAT test, it is recommended to take a practice exam at a professional tutoring center. For more information about SAT practice or preparation and professional tutoring in Johns Creek, call The Tutoring Center at (770) 927-4577 today.


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