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The ability to fully understand what is being read is a necessity in this day and age, to say the least. However, this can be easier said than done to some students. This is why, if you notice that your child struggles with reading comprehension, you should help them improve. If you’d like to know a few tips on how you can assist your child in becoming a better reader, this post has them for you.

How to Help Your Child With Reading Comprehension

Encourage Them

If your child isn’t much of a reader to begin with, motivate them to read more. You can do this by providing them with reading material that’s suited for their interests, age, and reading level; or by joining them and making reading a bonding activity.

Provide the Appropriate Environment

Needless to say, reading is an activity that requires focus. Still, this can be hard to achieve if the place in which your child is reading is filled with noise, bad lighting and uncomfortable furniture. Provide a space that’s free of distractions and where they’ll be able to read comfortably.

Give Them the Required Tools

There are certain tools that can allow your child to understand a text better. A dictionary, for instance, can help them search for the meaning of new words, and improve their comprehension, as well as increase their vocabulary.

Taking Notes

Often times, a child may struggle with reading comprehension because they can’t seem to keep up with all of the names, dates, and other information in the text. This is why you should tell your child to take notes as they read. This will also help them keep their concentration.


Having a better idea of the context that’s being discussed in a text can also help you get a clearer grasp of it. Encourage your child to research the topics, concepts, and information discussed in their reading material to comprehend it better. 

Employ Different Reading Techniques

At times, we may skip words or sentences, or even continue reading even when we’re not understanding the text. However, this will only cause more confusion. Ask your child to read out loud or to reread certain parts so they can improve their reading comprehension skills.

Talk About It

Lastly, a great way to help your child become a better reader and to enrich their reading experience, is to discuss the reading material. Encourage them to voice their thoughts, feelings and questions, and share yours with them too so they can get a new perspective on the matter.

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