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Help Your Student Return to School Prepared

Despite how it sounds, the summer learning slide can cause students to begin the new school year already behind their classmates and not ready for the lessons ahead. The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek has a post on the topic, below.

What Happens During Summer

While your child is at school their brain is in an ideal environment to learn, not just because of the lesson taught but the environment promotes education in a range of ways and activities. However, similar to how a sponge will begin to drop once it is removed from water, so too does your child’s brain begin to forget important lessons and information, leaving them to spend their precious class time relearning old information while the teacher and their classmates continue ahead without them.

How to Prevent Learning Loss

It’s important for parents to remember that their children have not only earned a break from full-time study, but their brain and body will benefit from it. The key is to find a medium between a relaxing vacation and learning instances, such as:
  • Create some small quizzes which your child can complete during long drives or even as part of a reward system, where a completed quiz is rewarded with a trip to the mall, etc.
  • One-to-one tutoring sessions throughout the week can prevent learning loss and help students improve on grades from the previous year.
  • Sitting down with your child and reviewing their notebook is a great way to reinforce lessons and can help you identify any learning challenges.

Tutoring in Johns Creek Can Prevent Your Student from Falling Behind

If you are worried about your child starting the new school year behind their classmates or they struggled in a particular subject during the previous year, one-to-one tutoring In Johns Creek can help. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek by calling (770) 927-4577.


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