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Although vacations are a time for resting, it's never a bad time to get some learning done. There are many activities your children can do over the winter holidays so they don't forget their writing skills.  The Tutoring Center Johns Creek, GA brings you these four writing suggestions.

Write a...

Reading fairy tales isn’t just a way to entertain or put your children to bed. There are actually many benefits in reading these magical stories. The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek GA invites you to read this post about what your children can gain from reading fairy tales. Combine these stories...

How Dehydration Affects Learning

Have you ever felt like your brain and your body react slower when you are thirsty? This is because you are well on your way to dehydration. If you find yourself unable to focus and kind of sleepy, you should try drinking some water.  Dehydration causes the brain...
You might think that children spending all their time online is a waste of time. There are many articles that tell you that the internet is harmful to youngsters and can contribute to illiteracy. We all know that it may not be the safest place, but with the right precautions, the internet can be...

Top Three Ways to Start the School Year on a High

It’s that time of year again when we are gearing up for another tough nine months back at school. This can be a difficult time for children, particularly if they find their classes challenging. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to...

How to Keep Your Children Occupied During the Vacations

The summer vacations are an exciting time for children as they are free from the responsibilities of school, homework, and exams. However, with so much time to themselves, children can become bored and restless. Fortunately, The Tutoring...

Help Your Child Avoid Exam Burnout This Summer

Exam time is almost upon us. This can be an extremely stressful time for both parents and children alike. Over recent years, a syndrome known as ‘exam burnout’ has become more and more common in the US. Sufferers experience exhaustion, an inability...

Identify If Vision Problems Are Impacting Your Child's Grades

Children can struggle or begin to misbehave at school for a wide variety of reasons. One that often gets overlooked, but can be very stressful for children and parents alike is a problem with vision. Depending on the age of your child,...

Help Your Child to Become Interested in Reading

It is easy for parents to see the benefits of reading in our everyday lives, from applying for jobs to understanding public transport. However, the challenge can often be teaching children these benefits. If you are looking for easy to implement...

Help Your Child Take the Lessons They Learn Even Further With an Online Note-Taking Service

Have you ever been cooking or taking a shower and suddenly had a moment of brilliance only to forget what it was before you could find a pen and some paper? While these ideas may have been as small as...


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