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Some children perform better in creative activities and not in exact sciences, such as math or biology. If your child falls into this category, these study tips might help them perform better in those areas.

Tutoring Is Always an Option, But What About Practicing at Home?

You can always hire a...
Writing can be challenging, but it's necessary. If your child is adamant about not working on their writing skills, perhaps you should talk to them about their importance. Here are some reasons why being a good writer is necessary.

Reasons to Work on Your Child's Writing Skills

For many of us,...
Competitive sports can be great for your children, and not just because of the physical benefits. Check out this post to learn some of the many life lessons competitive sports can bring. Should your child practice a competitive sport or not? Although there are many learning benefits of sports,...
Help your child have a smoother transition to a new school by following these easy tips. From making new friends to having a good night's rest, every detail helps.  If your child is about to enter a new school, whether it is a different grade or an entirely different school district, they...
Tutoring is a great way to keep your child’s mind active and learning over the summer. If you think that tutoring is just for improving grades, think again. Here are some of the perks of summer tutoring in Johns Creek. Tutoring is something you mostly think about when your child is struggling...
Sleep can affect your child's overall health, performance, and development. It can also affect your child's grades. Here are some of the ways a good night's sleep can benefit your child. There are many things that can affect your child’s school performance, from poor vision to dehydration, and...
Books allow us to explore the world in the comfort of our home. Here are a few suggestions for an imaginary trip around our planet.

Travel the World with Books

Getting on a plane and traveling the world isn’t accessible for everyone. However, traveling the world is possible with the help of...

Help Your Child Increase Their Attention Span

Concentrating is a tough task, even for adults. For children it can be even harder. Their curious and active minds are everywhere at once. Many times they find it hard to just stay still. While it’s impossible to have children completely focus on...
Tutoring in Johns Creek can be beneficial for any student, not just the ones with lower grades. However, there are some signs that indicate that your children truly do need tutoring to succeed in school.

5 Signs Your Children Need Tutoring in Johns Creek

Slipping Grades: Their report card shows...
The many benefits exercise brings are not just physical, there are many ways in which exercising can help you become a better learner. This post will share some of them with you.

Better Mood

When you exercise, you release endorphins. Endorphins can improve your memory and make you happier. You...


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