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Math is all about logic, but sometimes logic just doesn’t seem to be on our side. If you’ve ever been stuck on a math problem, then you know how frustrating this situation can be. This is why The Tutoring Center in Johns Creek has made this post to help you out with whatever math problem that may be haunting you now!

What to Do When You’re Stuck on a Math Problem


Maybe you’re having a hard time with a particular math problem because you didn’t read it correctly or you made a mistake somewhere along the way. Reexamine the whole thing to make sure you’re on the right track.  

Review and Research

Make sure that your understanding of the concepts and equations is correct. To do this, you can go through your notes and textbook, search online, look for examples or similar problems.

Move On for a While

When you get frustrated with a problem, you can’t remove yourself from it enough to see other alternatives or solutions. If you have other things to do, move on to them, clear your mind, and then come back to the problem.


Discuss the problems with your classmates or teachers to gain new perspectives on it and open your mind. This can help you clear up where you got stuck and how you can solve it. 

Think and Work!

This may sound a little bit obvious, but you should use your knowledge! Don’t expect the answer to come to you. Focus, work on the process and try to simplify the problem as much as possible to find the answers.

Question the Problem

Sometimes, just asking the right questions can get you to the answer. Formulate specific questions about the problem you’re stuck on, so you can work on them and get a new perspective on the issue.

Do Not Cheat!

The whole point of math problems is to get your brain working. If you ask a peer for the answer or search for it online, you won’t be doing yourself any favors. Moreover, you won’t be able to do this during a test, so you will be sabotaging your own learning.

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