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It’s the perfect time of year to make positive changes in your life, and to encourage your child to do the same. Keeping a journal can be extremely beneficial for your child, and today, The Tutoring Center in John’s Creek would love to let you know why. 

It provides reading and writing practice

Writing a journal is one of the best ways for your child to practice their writing, and the chances are they won’t even notice that they’re learning! Encourage them to read back over what they have written in previous days and weeks to practice their reading and help develop their memory.

It’s great for their memory

Trying to remember what has happened that day in detail is a good memory-training activity, so encourage your kids to keep a journal of their day to day experiences alongside whatever else they’d like to write.

Their journal is a great emotional outlet

It’s inevitable that your child will experience some negative feelings, but journaling can give them the opportunity to work through these emotions in a healthy way. Writing about how they feel can be very cathartic, and it can also help them to identify how best to deal with what’s troubling them. The simple act of writing something down can be a great help in overcoming sadness, guilt, or anger.

Creative expression is good for the brain

Studies have shown that opportunities to express themselves creatively provide brain-boosting benefits to your children. Creative activities use many different parts of the brain simultaneously, encouraging the brain to grow and to form new neural pathways between the various lobes.

It’s cheap and simple

Not only does journaling provide all the benefits mentioned above, but it’s an extremely inexpensive and accessible activity. All you need to do is provide the journal itself, and your child’s imagination can do the rest!

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