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Are You Finding It Difficult to Get Your Student up for School in the Morning?

Are you finding it difficult to get your student out of bed in the morning? You aren’t alone! Parents across the country often struggle with children who are finding it difficult to adapt to a school schedule after a long break. To help you in this regard, The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek has prepared the following tips.

Leave Electronics in the Kitchen

Children who use an electronic device, such as a tablet or a cell phone are likely accustomed to lying in bed and chatting with their friends. This can often lead them to spend hours at night awake instead of sleeping. Create a rule which prohibits electronic devices in the bedroom and requires them to be left in the kitchen. Not only can this help your student to get to sleep earlier and, in turn, wake up ready for the day, but the need to get out of bed and make their way to the kitchen is a great motivator to get them out of bed.

Appeal to Their Stomach

All children require a good breakfast to get them going. If your child has a favorite breakfast food they really enjoy, you can use this as a reward. Decide on a time until which you agree to be in the kitchen and, if they make their way out of bed and into the kitchen by this time, you will agree to cook their favorite breakfast.

Relocate Their Alarm

To help them actually get out of bed and not just wake up and snooze, consider moving their alarm clock. The other side of the room, inside their closet, or even at the bedroom door are great spaces which require your student to actually get out of bed to switch it off and not just roll over and wave their hand until it stops. The idea behind this tip is that if they have already left the comfort of their bed then they might as well stay out.

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