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Help your child have a smoother transition to a new school by following these easy tips. From making new friends to having a good night's rest, every detail helps.  If your child is about to enter a new school, whether it is a different grade or an entirely different school district, they probably feel nervous but excited. Changing schools can be hard, just like any other type of change. Here are a few ways in which you can help your child make a smooth transition from one school to another.

Plan a Playdate

If you moved to a new district, your child will probably not have many friends. Talk to neighbors who have children their age and arrange a playdate. That way they won’t feel as nervous the first day of school because they will see familiar faces.

Buy School Supplies

You can get your child excited about transitioning to a new school by stocking up on school supplies. Let them choose their backpack and lunch bag and help you decide which other supplies to get.

Get Involved

You should try to get involved or offer your help in school events. You’ll be meeting other parents and teachers, and your children will be meeting people too. Encourage them to sign up for after school programs once classes begin. Tell them to try out for a team sports or a club.

Start a Sleeping Routine

Your child probably has a sleeping routine already, and they might be ignoring it while they’re on vacation. It will be tough to get back to it once school starts. Sleepy and cranky children mixed with school are not a good idea. A week or two before school starts, get them back on their old sleeping routine.

Catch Up with Tutoring in Johns Creek

Another way to help your child feel more confident when starting a new school is by enrolling them in tutoring classes. Among the many benefits of tutoring in Johns Creek is that it can help them feel more confident about what they already know. So call The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek GA at 770-927-4577 before the new school year begins.


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