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How Dehydration Affects Learning

Have you ever felt like your brain and your body react slower when you are thirsty? This is because you are well on your way to dehydration. If you find yourself unable to focus and kind of sleepy, you should try drinking some water.  Dehydration causes the brain to perform up to 15 percent slower than it usually would. To keep your brain in top shape you should always have a glass or water bottle close by and you should consider tutoring in Johns Creek, too. For this post, The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek GA has some interesting information about the connection between hydration and learning.

Why is Water Important?

Our body is made up by a lot of water and many of the process happening inside need it to function. The brain is made up of around 80 percent water. Water is one of the biggest stars in all neurological transmissions. You can see how a dehydrated brain would work slower now, right? If the necessary water isn’t readily available it’s harder for the brain to send and receive information. Your ability to memorize, focus, and concentrate on a task is greatly reduced when you are thirsty.

How to Know if You're Dehydrated

Feeling thirsty is sign that you are already dehydrated and that your brain is already performing 10 percent slower. What you need is water or fruits because sugary drinks are not going to fix your thirst. They may actually increase it. Next time you are feeling tired, dizzy, unfocused, and thirsty you’ll know that the cause is dehydration. Remember that a dehydrated brain does not promote successful learning.

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