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How to Choose the Right Extracurricular Activity for Your Child

Activities for your child to engage in outside their direct educational path are important for them to grow socially and expand their experiences with group based problems solving skills. If you are in the position of looking for the right activity for your child, The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek has a few ideas to keep in mind as you look.

What Is Their Time Commitment?

Remember that this is an addition to your child's learning path, and should not make a significant impact on it.  As your child suggests activities, investigate to see what the time commitment is to be sure it won't get in the way of their education.

What Is Your Time Commitment?

Alongside the time your child needs to commit is the time you are required to put it, also. Keep in mind the travel time between any activities including any additional games or fund-raiser events that may be included. Whilst this should not be a primary reason to choose against an activity, it is better to be sure you can adjust your schedule sufficiently.

Will They Finish It?

While it's great that your child shows an interest in extracurricular activities, be sure they are choosing them for the right reasons. If they choose an activity that you suspect is just a fad, consider helping them choose something they are more likely to finish.

Look Outside of Sports

While sports can be a great way for your child to learn team work, other activities such as learning to play an instrument or participating in group dance can be equally as rewarding and skill building.

Tutoring In Johns Creek

In addition to Tutoring In Johns Creek, extracurricular activities are a great way for your child to not only build their brains, but their personalities. If your child is not benefiting from the benefits of one-to-one instruction in Johns Creek, speak with The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek on 770 927 4577 to book your free consultation and discover the ways tutoring in Johns Creek can give your child's grades a boost with our professional academic programs.


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