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Tips to Help Prepare for and Sit an Exam

Exams are important because they can determine a student’s academic options. The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek knows just how important exams and their results are and has some tips for parents to share with their students on the subject.

A Plan

Most students forget about exams until it’s too late and they don’t have any time to study. Prevent this by writing the details of an exam in your calendar or planner as soon as you find out about the exam, Then, working your way back through the weekend leading up, plan a number of study sessions. This prevents you from forgetting about an exam and ensures you have study time already set aside when the time comes.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind

If you use a calculator in class then there is a good chance that you will need one for the exam. Whatever you will need, one week prior, check that you not only have it but that it is all working, such as a fresh set of batteries for a calculator.

Find Your Strengths

If you focused your study on an area of the subject which isn’t covered until later in the exam, and you get stuck on unfamiliar questions at the beginning, you may run out of time and not make it to the questions you are confident about. Before you begin, look through the exam and identify any pages or sections which you can answer both quickly and correctly. Then, work through the remainder of the exam. This can benefit you if you don’t finish the exam in its entirety.


The last thing that any student should do is submit an exam, or even an assignment, before reviewing it. Something as simple as a tired hand which writes an incorrect number can be the difference between an A and an A+. Before the exam time finishes, be sure to review what you have completed and sure it’s both correct and clearly written.

Tutoring in Johns Creek Can Help Your Student

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