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Utilizing Your Parent-Teacher Time Wisely

With the new school year well under way and your child comfortably settled in, it’s time for parents to start meeting with their child’s teacher to learn about the year ahead. To help you prepare for this important meeting, below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek.

It All Starts With a Solid List

Make some time to sit down with a pad of paper and think about all of the items you want to speak about with your child’s teacher and write them down. Consider items like your child’s weaknesses, including any learning hurdles they experienced last school year, their strengths, and even their career aspirations.

Reorder Your List

Once you are sure your list is complete, look through the items on your list and rearrange them in order of most important. While you will want to speak about each item on the list, in the event that your time is cut short or your other items take a little longer than you expected, it’s important that you were able to tick-off the most important items first. Using the method above is the best way to prevent you, like many other parents, from returning home after the meeting and suddenly remembering an important item you forgot to talk about only to realize that it’s too late.

Ask About Your Child’s Teacher

To start off your meeting, start by asking the teacher a few questions about themselves and let them introduce themselves to you. Questions about their experience and teaching history, their preferred teaching style, and even any challenges they expect their students to face throughout the year is a good way to not only get to know your child’s teacher but this can also answer many of the questions likely on your list.

Did Your Child’s Teacher Recommend Tutoring in Johns Creek?

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