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Have you heard about working memory? Working memory is what allows your child to follow instructions and perform day-to-day tasks accurately. When children struggle with working memory, their academic performance tends to be affected due to not being able to perform school-related tasks properly. Learn more about working memory and about how to help your child by reading this article that The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek, GA, has for you.

What is Working Memory?

Working memory refers to the ability to keep information actively in order to be able to perform vital day-to-day tasks. The information used in working memory needs to be retained for at least 3 seconds to be able to follow instructions that involve a multi-step procedure properly. Working memory is also used when responding in conversation as well as with reading comprehension.

What You Can Do to Help Your Child

Help Your Child Make Lists

When helping your child with their homework, help them make a list of everything they need to do. Have them divide their homework into simple steps and have them conquer one step at a time. You can also work on their working memory by having them help you make the grocery list. Have them write down everything you need to buy, one article at the time.

Visual Games

A great way of helping them improve their visual memory is by having them tell you every time they hear the word then while listening to their nighttime story. If you can, have them read the story and tell you every time they see the word so in the story. Another game you can play is to have your child look at license plates while you are driving and have them repeat the numbers and letters.

Help Your Child Improve Their Working Memory by Enrolling Them in Tutoring in Johns Creek, GA

Enrolling your child in one-on-one tutoring can be very beneficial to work on their working memory and allow them to increase their academic performance. Speak with a tutoring expert at The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek, GA, and learn about the amazing academic programs they offer. For more information and to schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment, call (770) 927-4577 today!


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