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How to Use Flashcards to Teach Your Child

When helping our children learn, it can be difficult to understand what methods work best. Luckily, some of your trusted learning methods are still around today and can be a great advantage for your child. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Johns Creek will show you the benefits of using classic teaching methods.

Utilizing Flashcards to Target Learning

Flashcards are a great activity because they have the added bonus of versatility. The next time you are providing homework help, pay attention to any specific formulas or calculations your children get stuck on. After their study session has finished, create a deck of flashcards that include these problem formulas and calculations.

Flashcards as a Travel Activity

If you have a family road trip coming up, or just do a lot of driving, search for tablet or phone apps that allow you to create and organize your own flash cards for your child. If your child learns better through audio prompts, grab some headphones and use these apps to create audio based flash cards that read the information to your child. In addition to this being a great way for your child to learn quietly, these apps are also able to report any recurring pieces of information that your child struggles with.

Giving Your Child the Educational Advantage

Flashcards are a great and easy way for you to get involved in your child's learning. If you notice that your child is struggling with their study, or you are simply interested in ensuring that your child has the best chances through their educational path, speak with The Tutoring Center in Johns Creek on (770) 927-4577 about the ways reading, writing and math tutoring in Johns Creek can help your child excel.


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