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Give Your Child Math Help at Home

If you think that you are unable to provide math help for your child, then this is the post for you. While there will always be subjects you may not understand, The Tutoring Center in Johns Creek has some ways that you can incorporate basic math problems into everyday household activities and identify any learning challenges your child may be facing.

Use the Kitchen as a Learning Space

While structured tutoring in Johns Creek provides a great formal learning environment, your kitchen is an ideal place to provide your child with informal math help. When preparing ingredients, have your children assist and take care of the proportions for you. Providing them the opportunity to add and subtract items practically is a great way to boost their knowledge retention. Once they feel comfortable with this, expand the challenge to include varying measurements, such as mixing liquid and solid objects and have them guess the weight.

How to Identify Potential Learning Challenges

Take this challenge to the next level by having your children calculate strange objects such as how many bottles of vinegar it would take to fill up your bathtub, or how many muesli bars it would take to fill up the kitchen sink. While these may seem like silly tasks, they provide a great way to test your child's perception skills and allow you to identify any spatial awareness challenges that can be addressed with tutoring in Johns Creek.

Tutoring in Johns Creek

If you feel that your child is facing spatial awareness challenges or you simply want to ensure they are given the tools they need to succeed in their educational path, speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center in Johns Creek on 770 927 4577 about how tutoring in Johns Creek can boost your child's learning potential.


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