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How You Can Help Your Child Achieve Their Educational Goals This School Year

Now that children are well on their way towards the end of the school year, now is the perfect time to check in on their progress and their goals. Below is a great article from The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek aimed at helping parents do just that.


It’s likely that either your student themselves or their teachers set goals for them at the start of the school year. Now is the perfect time to sit down with your student and talk about their progress towards achieving these. If your child tells you that they are struggling and aren’t likely to reach each goal, instead of giving it up, help them adjust their method or routine to make it more likely. As an example, if your child is struggling to find the time, help them rearrange their study and social schedule to find some additional time. If they are lacking learning resources, look at how you can provide these. Whatever the outcome, be sure that it doesn’t involve your child giving up.

Complementary Goals

Of course, if your child is on track to achieve each of their goals and feels like they still have time and energy for more, look for smaller complementary goals which won’t overwhelm them but will still be beneficial. As an example, if one of your child’s goals is to learn the basics of an additional language, consider adjusting this goal to include a section of intermediate lessons, such as verbs or nouns. If your child has a goal to read one book each month, consider adding an extra book to read over the course of the remaining year.

Achieve Through Incentives

It is never a good idea to use bribery when it comes to a student’s learning, as this is the primary lesson they will learn. However, appropriate incentives can be a great way to help your child along the path. As an example, if your child reads a set number of pages in one of their books throughout the week, allow them to choose the film you will all watch for family movie night. Similarly, if they stay on track for a month with their history-based goal, take them to a museum over a weekend where they can get more hands-on with their history learning.

Help Your Child Reach Their Learning Goals With Tutoring in Johns Creek

If your child needs more learning assistance than you are to provide, tutoring in Johns Creek can bridge the gap with one-to-one tutoring sessions. To learn more about the benefit of tutoring in Johns Creek, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek by calling (770) 927-4577.


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