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You might think that children spending all their time online is a waste of time. There are many articles that tell you that the internet is harmful to youngsters and can contribute to illiteracy. We all know that it may not be the safest place, but with the right precautions, the internet can be an amazing learning tool, just like tutoring in Johns Creek GA. For that reason, in this short post, you'll learn more about some of the academic and personal development benefits that the internet can give your children.


The internet allows children to know the answer to many of their questions. This helps them practice transactive memory, which means the gather information from different sources, like Google.  Going online helps them find answers instead of waiting for someone to provide them. You can always turn on safe-search to know that they won’t be coming across inappropriate content. They can also use a search engine like Sweet Search, which only has access to websites that have been verified and approved  by teachers, researchers, and librarians.

Critical Thinking

With so much real and false information going around the web, children can develop critical thinking by knowing the difference between reliable and unreliable information.

Interest in Reading

Though studies show that 62 percent of children still prefer printed books, they still go online to find out about the author or books related to their interests. The availability of online dictionaries that are quicker to use than a conventional one increases their vocabulary. Tutoring in Johns Creek GA can contribute to that ever growing vocabulary as well.

Writing Skills

The internet gives both children and adults room to express themselves by writing. The use of technology makes it easier for children to write down their thoughts and ideas. They can start blogs or even write fan fictions (stories about their favorite fictional characters), and connect with people around the world.

Social Skills

As mentioned before, being online allows them to connect with people across the planet who share similar interests. Interacting with the different people and cultures they may meet online can help their confidence and even make them more sympathetic, not to mention what they might learn by meeting other people. Children should always use the internet with restrictions and adult supervision in order for it to be a true learning tool.

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