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Avoid the Summer Learning Loss With Some Fun Activities

The summer slide occurs when your child loses some of the skills learned during the school year. Keep your child busy and learning all summer in order to avoid the summer slide. Not all educational activities have to be boring and strictly academic. The Tutoring Center in Johns Creek has some fun activities to keep your child learning this summer.

Take a Class

Encourage your child to sign up for a class this summer. They can try something creative like learning an instrument or learning to paint. Classes centered on physical activity are also a great idea. Get them to join a sports team or take a dance class and they might discover a new passion. Language classes and science camps will keep them busy and will help them pick up new skills. Check out what is available in your area.

Try Some New Food

A creative way to teach your child about new cultures and geography is through food. Have your child pick a region in the world they are interested in learning about. As you explore the culture, have your child look up recipes for traditional dishes. Once you have decided on one, take a trip to the grocery store and pick out your ingredients. Have your child practice measuring and reading as you cook the meal together.

Put on a Play

Get your child's creativity flowing by encouraging them to put on a play. Have your child decide what they want the play to be about and help them write the script. Invite over some of their friends to help with the production. Have them practice their production a few times. Set up a day for them to perform their play for an audience.

Tutoring in Johns Creek

The Tutoring Center in Johns Creek can provide the right environment for your child's studying. Our one-to-one tutoring helps us target the areas your child needs extra help with. We offer academic programs focused on reading, writing, math and test preparation. Give us a call at (770)927- 4577 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.


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