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Clean up Lessons

If the idea of keeping your children entertained during spring break and helping them to keep their brains active sounds interesting, The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek has prepared a post with simple ideas on how your spring cleaning can help.

Plan the Day Out

Many students struggle to complete their assignments or give their homework as much attention as they would like because of time constraints. Teach your student how to plan out their time and prioritize by sharing with them how you plan out your spring cleaning. This includes making the list of all items needing completion, how you calculate the time needed, the thoughts you have regarding resource allocation, and everything else that goes into your spring-cleaning plan. While it might seem like a simple lesson, it can be a great help to a student who just needed to see it done in front of them.

Mass and Math

If your young child is struggling with their basic math or spatial awareness, spring cleaning can help. As you move around your home and move furniture, ask them to measure the furniture against the space you want to put it in. Then have them think about the best way to maneuver the item to its new place. Again, another simple lesson which can have great benefits in the real world and especially during their learning path.

Tutoring in Johns Creek Can Help

If your student needs a little more help than this to correct low grades, tutoring in Johns Creek can help. To find out more, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek today by calling (770) 927-4577.


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