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Clean up Lessons

If the idea of keeping your children entertained during spring break and helping them to keep their brains active sounds interesting, The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek has prepared a post with simple ideas on how your spring cleaning can help.

Plan the Day Out

Many students...

Helping Your Student to Improve Their Grades

Now is the time when your child’s report card is either in your hands or on its way out to you. If you believe that your child can achieve higher grades than what is shown, below is an article from The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek which can help.



How You Can Help Your Child Achieve Their Educational Goals This School Year

Now that children are well on their way towards the end of the school year, now is the perfect time to check in on their progress and their goals. Below is a great article from The Tutoring Center, Johns...

Utilizing Your Parent-Teacher Time Wisely

With the new school year well under way and your child comfortably settled in, it’s time for parents to start meeting with their child’s teacher to learn about the year ahead. To help you prepare for this important meeting, below is a post from The...

How Your Student Can Benefit from Back-To-School Tutoring

When it comes time for the new school year, not all students comfortably progress to more complex classes. This can be for a range of reasons. To help your student hit the ground running this new school year, The Tutoring Center, Johns...

Are You Finding It Difficult to Get Your Student up for School in the Morning?

Are you finding it difficult to get your student out of bed in the morning? You aren’t alone! Parents across the country often struggle with children who are finding it difficult to adapt to a school schedule after a...

Learning in the Summer Sun

With summer coming to an end it’s important to make the most of your free time. Below are some activity ideas from The Tutoring Center, Johns Creek to help you and your youngster have fun while learning during the summer.

Host a Reading Picnic

Gather your youngster and...
Standardized tests are a requirement for most colleges. You want to get the highest possible score, so you need to decide which test is right for you. Here are some of the differences between the SAT and the ACT.

Which Test Will It Be?

So you’ve decided to take a standardized test to increase...
The last thing children want during the summer is to think about school. However, they can keep learning with these fun summer activities.

Summer Learning Can Be Fun

It’s great that your child can relax and forget about school and homework during the summer. They can also sleep in and hang out...
Taking a standardized test requires preparation and lots of studying. Here are some tips to have an easier time while prepping and taking your SAT/ACT.

Get Ready for You Standardized Test

If you've decided to take the SAT, you need to start getting ready to ace that test. Although you can...


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