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Confident children tend to do better in school and have an overall happier life. Help your children become more self-confident with these tips.

Boost Your Children’s Self-Confidence at Home

Believing in yourself, trusting your abilities, and accepting that you make mistakes and that they don’t...
Is your child hesitant about taking the SAT? It can be nerve-wracking for them to think about studying for the exam and they might not see the point of the test. Give them these great reasons to take the SAT.

Convince Your Child to Take the SAT

If your teen plans to go to college, they need to...
Make the most out of fun game nights by making them an educational experience for your children. More specifically, teach them about having good financial skills.

Games Are the Perfect Learning Tool

Game night is a fun and inexpensive way to spend time with friends and family. At home, game...
There are some skills you children don’t learn in school. Some of these skills are necessary so that they can be successful adults. Here are some of them.

Teach Your Child Useful Life Skills

School provides your child with the academic tools to be successful, but some things can't be taught in...
Children’s brains can get lazy over the holidays. Keep their minds active and learning something new by trying out these simple ideas.

Everything Can Be a Learning Opportunity

You don’t have to bring out the school books and math formulas to help your children’s minds stay sharp during the...
Some children perform better in creative activities and not in exact sciences, such as math or biology. If your child falls into this category, these study tips might help them perform better in those areas.

Tutoring Is Always an Option, But What About Practicing at Home?

You can always hire a...
Writing can be challenging, but it's necessary. If your child is adamant about not working on their writing skills, perhaps you should talk to them about their importance. Here are some reasons why being a good writer is necessary.

Reasons to Work on Your Child's Writing Skills

For many of us,...
Competitive sports can be great for your children, and not just because of the physical benefits. Check out this post to learn some of the many life lessons competitive sports can bring. Should your child practice a competitive sport or not? Although there are many learning benefits of sports,...
Help your child have a smoother transition to a new school by following these easy tips. From making new friends to having a good night's rest, every detail helps.  If your child is about to enter a new school, whether it is a different grade or an entirely different school district, they...
Tutoring is a great way to keep your child’s mind active and learning over the summer. If you think that tutoring is just for improving grades, think again. Here are some of the perks of summer tutoring in Johns Creek. Tutoring is something you mostly think about when your child is struggling...


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